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as a no non-conservative-- they passed a lot of things there has not been action on in the senate, and that's the majority leader's prerogative. but if you take it and bend it to the will of the senate and send it back, that's how you get compromise. to not move dismingz not ever establish the process-- i think speaker boehner has done a good job in the members he has. i think they maid mistake in not supporting plan b. we would have modified it and sent it back and then they would have had it make a decision on it. the basic fact is the government is twice the size it was 11 years ago. and nobody in washington is doing anything to fix the growth of government to where we have one that we can afford. un, we're going to have to grow at 8%, 9%, if we think we can outgrow it. that isn't going to happen. we have to do the things we have to modernize medicare. we have to achieve real save that is won't change health care but will actually save some money. >> o'donnell: do you think there's an advantage to going over the fiscal cliff? >> i think there are a couple of advantages. therthere are a l
from taking on actions. but there are, as you were trying to point out with the earlier guest, 30,000 deaths, gun-related deaths a year in america. no single law is going to stop all of those. but if we can cut it in half, or cut it by 20%, or even cut it by a tenth, that's still thousands of lives. and maybe we wouldn't have some of those horrible images as we see right now, these children being buried. >> schieffer: i think we reestablished communications with texas. senator hutch son, you were talking about you do suggest, at least schools being able to put police in schools if they think it's needed. but how about some of these other things? what about this idea of a ban on assault weapons? what about, as senator warn ser talking about, restricting the sales of these magazines that have 30 rounds in a clip? how do you feel about that? >> you know, i think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, like those large clips. i think that does need to be looked at. we do have a ban on assault weapons, as was stated earlier. but it's the semiautomatic, and those large magaz
seam. and then a little bit of random orbital action at 220 grit. and that's the way i like to sand all the parts that i need for this project. this is called a classic profile router bit with ball-bearing guide, and what i can do with this is bring this down. now watch what happens. now turn it off. let that come to a stop before i raise it. but if you look closely, look at that wonderful profile that that creates. okay, that's the accent on the inside curves of the broken-arch pediment. and i'll also use it to profile this trim board that's 3 inches wide by 38 inches long. i'm working this from left to right to work with the rotation of the cutter. taking my time. [ whirring ] everything's routed and sanded now, and i have this piece of 2-inch-wide-by-36-inch-long top stock, and this is a piece of milled egg-and-dart molding that's cut to the same length. and i let it overhang an inch on each end. and then to really cap this off, here's that 3-inch-wide board that has that classic profile routed, and i stagger that just like that, and that will be tacked in place. now, i'll use a nail
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)